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Mindspace TV offers professional, engaging resources for modern therapists to get the most out of their sessions.

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Explain complex psychological concepts to clients with high-quality, innovative resources, developed by a Clinical Psychologist.


Communicate concepts that speak to clients in a creative, non-clinical and humanistic way – free of psychological jargon.

Evidence based

Benefit from resources that are grounded in trusted evidence-based psychological therapies including CBT, ACT and DBT.


Access flexible resources that can be used across all age groups in face-to-face, online, individual and group therapy sessions.

Nurture a strong human connection
between therapist and client

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Access professional videos and accompanying handouts that clearly communicate psychological concepts and strategies.

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Easily review and share the resources with clients in individual or group therapy sessions, and between therapy sessions.

Practise self-care

Access a library of self-care resources designed to promote the health and wellbeing of therapists inside and outside of work.

What do Mindspace TV members say?

“I have always found it a little challenging explaining certain psychological concepts to some of my clients. These Mindspace TV resources really break down these concepts into an easily digestible visual language. Great to see some innovation in the mental health field!”
“The Mindspace TV content has really brought my therapy sessions to life. Thanks guys for creating such wonderfully creative resources!”
Mental Health Social Worker
“This is a real game changer bringing videos into a therapy setting. 
What an amazing concept. The feedback from all my clients has 
been incredibly positive. Thanks Mindspace TV team.”

Why Mindspace TV?

Why Mindspace TV?

Ease your workload in preparing for and delivering effective therapy, while joining a supportive community of healthcare professionals.

With Mindspace TV, easily review and share innovative resources at the touch of a button – no more low-quality video clips or photocopied worksheets!

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