Creating new ways to
do therapy

The story of Mindspace TV

It all started with an idea.

Mindspace TV Co-founder, Vanessa Price, was working as a busy Clinical Psychologist and noticed the lack of high-quality, contemporary resources to support her therapy sessions. Existing resources were dry, clinical, and didn’t resonate with clients. Most importantly, they didn’t support the human connection she was trying to forge.

The many benefits of video content.

Vanessa began experimenting. She soon found that video content was helpful in therapy sessions: she could communicate complex ideas and strategies to clients in just a few minutes, and she could inject some creativity and innovation into her sessions.

Creative resources backed by evidence.

Vanessa teamed up with her partner, David – who happens to be an experienced video producer – and together they designed and created a suite of videos grounded in evidence-based psychological therapies such as CBT, ACT and DBT. The videos, accompanied by bespoke worksheets,  helped Vanessa and her clients to apply the concepts and strategies in their sessions.

Supporting therapists all the way.

And so, Mindspace TV was born. Vanessa and David are now proud to offer busy therapists a library of professional, visual-based resources. What’s more, they have launched a suite of self-care tools reflecting the importance of therapist wellbeing in what can be a high-pressure and demanding profession.

Therapists can now more easily prepare for sessions, connect with clients on a human level, find a supportive community, and rely on innovative resources grounded in sound therapeutic models.

Our mission is to change the face of therapy through
effective and engaging video content

Who is Mindspace TV?

David Price

Co-founder and Creative Director

David is a Creative Director with nearly 20 years in the media industry. He is passionate about storytelling and champions the visual medium as an engaging and effective way of conveying complex information. David produces and directs the Mindspace TV content and is inspired to use his experience and skills to help support therapists in their work, improve people’s mental health and forge positive impacts on lives and wellbeing.

Vanessa Price

Co-founder and Content Producer

Vanessa is a qualified Clinical Psychologist with ten years of experience in the mental health sector and six years in the community services sector. Vanessa values connection and works with clients from a humanistic, non-clinical framework grounded in evidence-based psychological therapies. Vanessa designs and develops the Mindspace TV concepts, drawing from her career in therapeutic work and Masters of Clinical Psychology.

Mindspace TV is made by therapists, for therapists

Mindspace TV is made by therapists, for therapists

Mindspace TV sees therapist and client as two human beings, with the client as the expert of their life experience and the therapist an expert in the field of mental health. The role of the therapist is to work alongside the client to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Our resources assist with this process.

We support therapists to deliver effective, engaging and contemporary therapy sessions.

We help nurture a strong human connection between therapist and client.

We foster a supportive community that reflects the importance of therapist self-care.

Empowering community

Empowering community

Mindspace TV values compassion and community. That’s why we are a proud funding partner of The Jilya Institute, an Aboriginal community controlled not-for-profit organisation working to improve the mental health of First Nations Peoples across the country.

A major part of The Jilya Institute’s work is providing scholarships to fund the next generation of Indigenous psychologists around Australia.

Mindspace TV directs a percentage of its subscription fees to The Jilya Institute as part of our commitment to community.

Learn more about The Jilya Institute