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Who uses Mindspace TV?

Our resources are designed for and used by professional therapists, including:


Clinical Psychologists



Mental Health Social Workers

Mindspace TV is made
by therapists, for therapists

How can Mindspace TV help?

We understand the challenges of the profession and help to provide solutions.

Dry, clinical and uninspiring resources?

Re-energise your resources with professional, creative and innovative information that can be easily shared with clients.

Difficulty explaining complex concepts?

Mindspace TV content is clear, free of jargon and connects with clients on a human level.

Feeling the burn of a demanding profession?

Be supported with a range of self-care tools, make a request for future video content and join a caring community.

Long working hours?

Save time preparing for sessions and rely on a suite of trusted tools to support your professional practice.

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Grounded in evidence-based therapies

Developed by a Clinical Psychologist, Mindspace TV resources take an integrative therapeutic approach and are drawn from three major psychological therapies including CBT, ACT and DBT.